The Silver Cord

The Doula - an End of Life Companion

As an End of Life Companion, I offer compassionate guidance around transformative experiences such as loss and death, as well education around End of Life Celebrations or formalities like Advance Planning, also referred to as Living Wills. These formalities are best put in place long before we are approaching death.

I provide non-medical support and counsel, both to people navigating transitional spaces like birth, marriage, divorce, sudden loss or terminal illness - as well as companionship to those during the actual process of dying. Emotional, spiritual and practical support is offered during the End of Life phase and I intend to be a trustworthy refuge.  

I ease fears surrounding the transition and provide an anchor and comfort for those present. Guided solely by the passing person’s wishes and needs, I fill the gaps – enabling a supportive and caring presence all around. 
Together we co-create a safe space where emotional, mental and spiritual support is offered and a way towards peace is found. 

End of life Doulas are not medical professionals and d​​o not provide any medical care but work alongside medical teams. My role is to support, empower, and educate the client and their loved ones.